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JP Karwacki Copywriter, Content Creator & Social Media Manager


JP is a dedicated team player, a committed editor and a strong writer, and at Time Out Montreal he significantly grew an editorial brand from scratch in the city while also working closely with the start-up operation of Time Out Market Montreal.

Dave Calhoun, Chief Content Officer, North America and UK at Time Out

JP is a remarkable writer and an excellent team player. In an ever-changing environment he was quick to adapt and pivot to meet new goals.

Sasha Manoli, Marketing and Events Manager at Time Out Montreal

I oversee J.P.’s work as both a guest editor and contributor for Eater Montreal. J.P. was quick to turn around breaking news, and excellent at meeting deadlines. He always volunteered to take on extra assignments as needed, and brought expertise and wit to his Montreal restaurant coverage.

Missy Frederick, Cities Director at Eater