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‘The Infinite’ Virtual Reality Exhibit Offers a Taste of Life in Outer Space

Some astronauts say the experience of traveling to space causes a shift in their perception of their world, a deepened feeling of interconnection with humanity sparked when they look down upon the Earth from so far above it (it’s called the “overview effect”). Looking out through the cupola of the International Space Station (ISS) and down onto the planet’s surface 250 miles below for myself, I’m inclined to believe them. A profound mixture of discovery, awe and comfort bubbled up inside of me when faced with that view.

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Urbex: A peek inside the lives of Montreal’s rooftoppers, trespassers and urban explorers

Acrophobics, germaphobics and claustrophobics need not apply: From standing atop skyscrapers for the view to crawling through the rusted bones of abandoned buildings for the thrill, urbex — short for urban exploration — is the practice of clandestine pathfinders who celebrate the hidden, dilapidated and unseen sides of Montreal.

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NFTs, crypto art, going hybrid, TikTok: How the art world is adapting to COVID-19

The New Normal hasn’t spared a single aspect of life as we’ve known it, and galleries aren’t any different. Some suspect that the pandemic has heralded the end of physical galleries as we knew them. Between restricted access to physical space and only now scant recovery from more than a year’s worth of cancelled art fairs and expositions, the world of artists, curators, and gallerists have had to look elsewhere for sustenance.

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Exploring Thermotherapies of the World at Quebec’s Förena Cité thermale

In the dead of winter, steam rises high above the farmlands of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, a 30-minute drive from Montreal, the white plumes exhaled from one of Canada’s largest spas, Förena Cité thermale.

The expansive 600,000 square feet of therapeutic space evokes a resort where robed clients roam through various thermotherapies: hot and cold water baths, waterfalls inspired by Iceland’s landscape and wellness practices, paths of granite from a nearby quarry leading to a pavilion for Germany’s Augfuss sauna and cold bath cycles, and Russia’s dry saunas, steam rooms, and salt scrubs.

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Old Montreal Just Got a ‘Blade Runner’ Remake in Cyberpunk Ramen Bar Neo Tokyo

Google has officially moved into Old Montreal’s renovated heritage building 425 Viger West, and on Wednesday, December 14, the tech giant will begin to share its address with a new, cyberpunk-inspired noodle bar, Neo Tokyo.

After experiencing a slew of delays ranging from pandemic work stoppages to slowed construction that has stretched on for years, the restaurant is up and running in hopes of catering to both locals and the 1,000 employees working on the building’s upper floors.

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The amazing history of ice hockey in Montréal

The history of Montréal and ice hockey is a long and storied one dating back more than a century and half, with the first organized game being declared to have been played here in 1875, and its first rules published by the Montreal Gazette in 1877. With deep roots like these, it’s easy to understand the excitement and passion Montréal brings to the sport. Ask any one of the fans flooding the Bell Centre or sports bars in Montréal to watch the frosty red, white and blue blur of the Montréal Canadiens racing across ice, or the Montrealers who hit the ice for a game of pick-up no matter the time of year: This city loves its ice hockey. 

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Old Montreal’s Jiao flips the script on a Chinese staple

Nothing gets attention like a swanky new Old Montreal restaurant, especially one that makes headlines for a $100 dumpling infused with Louis XIII Remy Martin.

A fresh face in its neighbourhood, the dim sum bar Jiao was sprung from the mind of Tongue Bui of the Plateau nightclub École Privée and food truck proprietor Olivier Berkhani, with chef Phong Thach directing the woks and steamers in the back. It’s a slick space with ebony tiling and an emphasis on bar seating, serving small plates below the gauzy lampshades that run the length of the eating area’s ceiling. It flips what’s typically a Chinese brunch with tea for a nightly dining experience with cocktails set to classic hip hop until 3 a.m., serving dishes at bumped prices in part due to the locale but also for their extravagant add-ons like scallop slices, lobster tails and, yes, that cognac-laden dumpling.

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Serving taste and experience

From the time it takes to grow on a farm to the moment it’s poured into a cup, coffee — and the people behind it — has a story to tell.

It’s one of the driving forces behind Dispatch, a Montreal-based coffee roaster and distributor, and is what got the company’s CEO and founder Chrissy Durcak, BA 09, into coffee in the first place.

“There are so many stories to share,” she explains, “and I was naturally telling them to my customers over the counter.”

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